Saturday, March 27, 2010

How-To-Stop Road Rage!

Wanna know how to stop road rage? Check out my newest DVD on "How-To-Stop Road Rage!" on a couple of my "car insurance" and "auto insurance" sites that I put together as a little bit of a marketing experiment to reach out to a larger audience with Energy Medicine and self Mind Control tools.

The sites are local sites for Frederick car insurance, and you can check them both out here: and or if you want to just go to the pages with the article and video on it, here's the links to those:

The article on has additional information that is not in the blog post, so check out BOTH sites :)

The site has ads on it, and I obviously want you to buy my DVD on "How-To-Stop Road Rage!" but either way, make sure you go there to check out the free video clip!

See you there, and have fun with using the technique on the free video clip!

Jim Knippenberg

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