Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So You Want To Learn Secrets Of Seduction So You Can Seduce Women

How many times have you seen a hot woman somewhere and thought to yourself, "God, I wish I could get her to go out with me!"

See, in some ways, women are like guys -- they're people for instance.

Sometimes guys don't remember that.

Anyway, they have patterns of thoughts and emotions, just like you do.

And so instead of trying to convince them to think the way you think, what if you could use what's already going on inside her mind to help convince her that going out with you would be a wonderfully fun experience.

Well, you CAN do just that.

One of the easiest ways is with what is called ANCHORING in NLP. It might also ring a bell if I were to mention the name "Pavlov".

Anyways, the neat thing about anchors is that you don't have to do the same work over and over again -- you can let the anchor do the work for you.

Everyone has anchors.

Most people are unaware of their very strong anchors.

And some of the most potent anchors are the "locations for things" where people have thoughts and irresistable urges to do things.

You can read more about this in my book called The Amazing "GPS Of The Mind". Just click on the link below my name at the end of this article.

Have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Attractor Fields and Self Mind Control

I saw an interesting article recently on mirror brain cells.

Basically, they found out that when someone watches an activity, it fires off neurons in the brain that mimick the reaction the brain has to actually doing the activity.

Ok, well, those of us who study mind control have known for quite some time that one of the easiest ways to re-program your mind is to play mental movies of yourself in the new activity, because your subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is imagined and what is real.

This is, by the way, one of the reasons why it is so important to develop both the subconscious (subjective) and conscious (objective) minds and learn to use them in harmony with each other.

In fact, when you can use both minds together to contact Higher Intelligence, you are learning to become capable of truly amazing powers of your mind.

Anyways, so those who are constantly reviewing negative thoughts and feelings are creating habits AND they are firing off the neurons the brain uses for learning to keep those unwanted thoughts and behaviours deeply embedded.

Well, see most people do not have well-formed outcomes, so they think and feel by default most of the time.

So the good news is that when you go down to deeper levels of mind (like theta, for example), where you were as a kid when your beliefs were formed, you can do massive positive change.

So you learn to count yourself down to that level of mind. (See Dr. La Tourrette's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing course for more on this -- )

Then you give yourself a dream that has the new behaviour in it, and you program in the new qualities.

Add to that the power of timelines and your own convincer strategies, and you can quickly create a very compelling future for a whole new you...

Thanks for reading and enjoying these blog posts!

See you again soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Psychic Influence Happens All The Time!!! Part 3

Hi again!

I was pissed off about someone at work the other day, and I was about to go into Walmart, when I remembered what Dr. La Tourrette had shown me about how our thoughts and emotions affect those around us.

So the simple fact of the matter is that the people in Walmart that day had nothing to do with what I was irritated about, it wasn't their fault, and they didn't deserve to have any of my revenge for what had happened.

So I did a break state (using a previously set anchor -- see my book on NLP anchoring for more details, the link is at the end of this post), and then I changed my thoughts to ones that would attract good feelings to myself and to those around me.

This is so important, and we can validate this with energy testing.

What you think and feel has an effect on the energy fields of those around you.

This is very easy to see for yourself, as you notice there are some people you feel drained around and can't wait to get away from them, and yet there are others you feel good around and enjoy being around them. In fact, it might even energize you when they're near.

Ok, so at the moment, we're not talking about distant remote influence where your thoughts about others affect them at a distance; we're talking about how your thoughts affect those who are near you.

The most drastic example of this would be the mob mentality.

Anyways, you can use the same principles for GOOD and to help many, many people who come near you every day to feel good.

Now there are some people who are prone to negative thoughts and feelings, and that's their choice. However, if there's an attractor field in the other person's energy field for good thoughts and feelings, your good thoughts and feelings will trigger the same types of thoughts and emotions in them.

Read Thought-Forms by Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater for more information.

Ok, so basically you are responsible for your thoughts and emotions. Those thoughts and emotions affect those around you, and those who do not learn how to control their thoughts and emotions are abusing the most basic of psychic powers.

So let's take a look at some more of what C. W. Leadbeater wrote about this. (If you're not interested in the article, just scroll down to the link after my name for the Anchoring book "GPS of the Mind" so you can learn to have more control over your own thoughts and emotions and more control over the thoughts and emotions of those around you...)

The distance to which such a thought-wave would penetrate, the strength and persistence with which it would impinge upon the mental bodies of others, depend upon the strength and clearness of the original thought.

[By the way, most people do not have well-formed outcomes, so when someone comes along who DOES have a well-formed outcome, it is much easier for them to influence those who are unclear in their thinking. It takes more effort and more skills to influence or persuade someone to do something that is against their previously stated well-formed outcome. If they've already got a strong, well-formed outcome against what you want them to do, save your time and energy and find someone else who is more compatible with what you want to offer them.]

The voice of a speaker sets in motion waves of sound in the air, which radiate from him in all directions, and convey his message to all those who are, as we say,m within hearing; and the distance to which his voice can penetrate depends upon its strength and the clearness of his enunciation.

In exactly the same way the strong thought will carry very much further than the weak and undecided one; but clearness and definiteness are of even greater importance than strength. But just as the speaker's voice may fall upon heedless ears where men are already engaged in business or in pleasure, so may a strong wave of thought sweep past without affecting the mind of a man if he is already deeply engrossed in some other line of thought.

Large numbers of men (and women), however, do not think very definitely or strongly except when in the immediate prosecution of some business which demands their whole attention. Consequently there are always many minds within our reach which are liable to be considerably affected by the thoughts which impinge upon them; and we therefore are distinctly responsible for the thoughts which we send out and for the effects which they produce on others.

[This universal fact that YOU are responsible for yourself and your own thoughts and actions is, unfortunately, unknown to many today. They want to depend on the government to take care of them, or they want to sit and pray for God or Jesus to rescue them. But they fail to realize that even Jesus said we are responsible for ourselves -- see the parable of the three servants who were given talents (money). The ones who went out and got more were commended, and the one who sat on his butt and did nothing was condemned.

Anyways, your thoughts and feelings DO have an effect on those around you. The cashier is not responsible for what happened to you earlier in the day. In fact, YOU attracted what happened to you earlier, so whether good or bad, it is your creation, you are the one who attracted it, for some learning purpose. -- And there is ALWAYS a POSITIVE lesson to learn. We are not condemned to fate. We are here to learn from our experiences and to grow in positive ways.

Now if you were to drink and drive and hit someone on the highway, you would be legally responsible for your actions.

If you were to randomly fire a weapon and a stray bullet hit an innocent bystander, you would be legally responsible for your actions.

Yet people do not realize the power of their thoughts and emotions on those around them. And although you can't be tried in a human court of law, you are still responsible.

In fact, those who are careless and lazy with their thoughts and inadvertantly hurt those around them are worse off than the so-called "black magician" who uses "black magick" to get even with someone who offended him or her.

The person who fights in self-defense is not (usually) condemned in a court of law. The person who gets pissed off and takes out their rage on random bystanders IS condemned in a court of law.

And yet we are responsible on a higher moral plane for more than just what the law can enforce.

I'm not talking about the "moral" code that religious people try to ram down your throat; I'm talking about being a moral person in that YOU recognize that YOU, and only you are responsible for your life and your outcomes.

Anyways, back to C. W. ...]

This is clearly a psychic power which we all possess, which we are all constantly exercising; and yet how few of us ever think of it, or of the serious responsibility which it involves. Inevitably and without any effort of ours every thought which we allow to rest within our minds must be influencing the minds of others about us.

Consider how frightful would be the responsibility if this thought were an impure or an evil one, for we should then be spreading moral contagion among our fellow-men. Remember that hundreds and thousands of people possess within them latent germs of evil -- germs which may never blossom and bear fruit unless some force from without plays upon them and stirs them into activity.

[Ok, let's keep in mind here, that "moral" is not someone's list of "do's" and "don'ts". The practical point here is that people have thoughts that may be dormant -- for good or not so good, or maybe even evil, and YOUR thoughts and emotions can be a catalyst for them to take action.

Maybe that person has a dormant thought that would love to enjoy some romance and some fun with someone, like you, for example. What can you do to help bring it to life?

Notice how much easier it is for other people to like you when you are thinking thoughts about how much you like and enjoy talking with people vs. the times when you might have been thinking negative thoughts.

Anyways, these principles are important to help with a basic understanding of how we can influence others. And next time, we'll get back to some more "interesting" articles. :-)

I might, sometime in the future, post more on this topic... We'll see...]

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Psychic Influence Happens All The Time!!! Part 2

Hi! I hope ya'll had a good holiday!

Ok, so back to the previous topic... The book is now in the public domain, however the paragraphs are too long to read online, so I'm breaking them up into smaller paragraphs. So whether or not I add any commentary, I guess that makes this edition of the public domain text my copyrighted materials. :-)

Unconscious Psychic Powers.
Let us turn now from these powers which belong only to the few to those others which all of us possess and are using, even though we may be entirely unconscious of them.
The first and the greatest of these is the power of thought.
Many a man has heard vaguely that thoughts are things, and yet the statement has not conveyed to him any very real or definite meaning. When he is fortunate enough to have developed clairvoyance to the level of the mental plane, he will be ble very fully to bear testimony to the enormous importance of the truth which is expressed in that statement.
If, utilizing the senses of the mental body, he looks out through them at the mental bodies of his fellows, he will see how thought manifests itself at that level and what results it produces. It is in the mental body or mind of man that thought first shows itself to clairvoyant vision as a vibration arising in the matter of that body.
From the plates which I have published in Man Visible and Invisible some idea may be gathered of the appearance of this mental body to the man who is able to see it; though the drawings given in that book are naturally only an attempt to prsent in section and on the physical plane something of the higher and far grander and wider impression which is really made on the sense at that higher level by the appearance of that body.
If a man thinks while a clairvoyant is watching him, the latter will see that a vibration is set up in the mental body, and that this vibration produces two distinct results.
First of all, like all other vibrations, it tends to communicate itself to any surrounding matter which is capable of receiving it; and thus, since the atmosphere is filled with mental matter, which is readily set in motion in response to any such impulse, the first effect produced is of a sort of ripple which spreads out through circumjacent space, exactly as when a stone is thrown into a pond ripples will be seen to radiate from that centre along the surface of the water.
In this case the radiation is not in one plane but in all directions, like the radiations from the sun or from a lamp. It must be remembered that man exists in a great sea of mental matter, just precisely as we here on the physical plane are living in the midst of the atmosphere, although we rarely think of it.
This thought-vibration, therefore, radiates out in all directions, becoming less powerful in proportion to the distance from its source. (This is not talking about Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing where our thoughts affect those we think about, regardless of how far or near they are from us physically... This is talking about how our thoughts affect those who are in close physical proximity.) Again, like all other vibrations, this one tends to reproduce itself wherever the opportunity is offered to it; and as each variety of thought is represented by its own rate of vibration, that fact means that whenever this wave strikes upon another mental body it will tend to provoke in it vibrations precisely similar to those which gave it birth in the first place. That is to say, from the point of view of that other man whose mental body is touched by the wave, it tends to produce in his mind a thought identical with that which had previously arisen in the mind of the thinker.
Ok, so in other words, what you think affects those around you -- and the more in rapport you are with them, the more easily this tends to happen, even if the conscious mind is not aware of it.
Anyways, I might post more from C.W. Leadbeater in a future post. Dunno yet... I've got lots of other stuff to post too, so we'll see.
Go have fun and have an awesome day!
Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Friday, May 26, 2006

Psychic Influence Happens All The Time!!!

There are some passages in the older books on psychic phenomena that might be useful to you.

(Those of you who are interested in mind control, persuasion, manipulation, hypnosis, remote influence, or seduction, or just want to meet more women, you're going to want to actually read these next few articles on this topic, because I'm going to explain how this affects what you do and don't attract into your life. There's some real good stuff hear, and you're going to want to make sure you get every bit of it!)

Everyone wants to go find the new books with the airy fairy new age titles at the bookstore. But some of the best knowledge on the planet is from the 1800's and early 1900's.

There are, of course, exceptions.

For instance, Ingo Swann's work (see ), Donna Eden's work (see ), and Dr. John M. La Tourrette's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Seminars.

And there are other real fine people out there who are teaching valid skills.

Those who are real good at those skills, however, have thoroughly studied the older literature.

One such book is C. W. Leadbeater's "Some Glimpses Of Occultism".

Now remember that "occult" does NOT mean satanic or devil worship or any of those things.

Occult teachings are simply "hidden" or "secret" teachings.

Jesus the Christ spent time in Egypt, and early Church traditions (that the Church decided to keep us from knowing about!) say that Jesus studied in the mystery (or occult) schools of Egypt.

If this offends you, you can go do your homework and study up on it, or you can choose to be offended.

Doesn't matter to me.

I prefer to study and learn and grow and become more and more intelligent and be able to do more and more things instead of "hoping and praying" that someone somewhere out there will please have mercy and pity and do something for me.

Remember, those of you who claim to be religious who are offended by this blog that the Creator created males and females in the Image of the Creator.

That means that instead of sitting around crying for someone out there to help or bless us, we are to take responsibility for what's going on in our own lives and CREATE what we want instead.

"The earth was without form and was void..." before The Creator started His work.

Is there something without form or some void in your life? Something you don't like?

It's up to YOU to fix it.

And it's up to you to learn how you already DO create what happens around you, and how you have an effect on others.

So, with that in mind, we'll pick up next time with a section from C. W. Leadbeater's book...

Sincerely,Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Stuff To Come...

Ok, those of you who read that with the phoenetic ambiguities of "Newd (nude) STUFF (as in "stuff this in..." along with a subtle gesture to the privates as a subliminal cue), to come (needs no explanation)," that's not what I was talking about...

However, take it whatever way works for you. LOL

Just kidding...

Ok, so there's no post for now, unless you like to take this and use it in a way that helps you get what you want.

I'm not saying to sit down and write out language patterns and figure out multiple ways to embed similar types of ideas.

I would never sit and write language patterns out and carry a recorder with me to record the ones I come up with while I'm driving or otherwise unable to write at the time.

So, basically, I'm just writing to tell you I didn't have anything important to say today...

I'm busy filling customer orders, I work this evening, all the way 'till midnight, and I can't wait for Friday to get here so I can do some more work on my new up and coming product that I KNOW you're going to love.

And later this summer, I intend to be expanding the mind control central product list to include some OTHER products for how mind control, energy medicine, self hypnosis, etc can help you improve other areas of your life.

Seems that so far, the people who are buying products want stuff on how to meet chicks. Hey, I like women, too, so that's fine with me.

I've got some other real good stuff on the way for you to get later on, though, as soon as I've had a chance to put the materials together and get them on video.

Also, one of the newsletter subscribers asked me a real good question that I'll be answering in a newsletter soon.

You'll have to subscribe to get it.

You can subscribe here: .

Then I've got another article I've planned to send out that I've been holding off on while answering customer questions. It's about an awesome article I saw on a well-known persuasion / influence website.

You'll want to make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter so you don't miss out.

Have fun for now.

See you again soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

brainwashing through advertisements

Ok, you all know about the hypnotic power of repetition and how you can brainwash someone through repetition and repetition over time.

Those are two of the most common convincer strategies -- repeat something enough times, and people begin to believe it, or repeat it over a certain time period (for instance, they have to hear it again X amount of times over a 6 or 12 month period of time, as an example).

So I won't talk about how advertisers use repetition in this blog entry today.

However, Dr. La Tourrette pointed out something interesting about the hypnotic installations they do in advertisements.

Some of us were joking about this at work Tuesday night.

Have you ever noticed how the male performance drugs advertise using hypnotic installations?

They'll tell you something like "if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, seek medical assistance..."

So every male out there hears that ad and goes, "Damn, hell! You mean if I pay you for that little pill, and I swallow it, I can go at it f***ing four hours!"

They had no intention (or need) of the drug in the first place, and all of a sudden, they're like Puma Pete in the Bugs Bunny cartoon: "How many do you want?" "Uh, give me a WHOOOOLEEE LOTTA LUMPS!!!"


And have you noticed how some of the other companies HIDE their side effects?

They'll have some bright, happy picture of a guy or woman enjoying life, having fun, doing things with loved ones, and then at the bottom of the screen, in letters you can barely read, they'll list the side effects.

Heck, they might even TELL you the side effects, but they do it in a different tonality, and often times in a faster tempo so you'll set it apart, in your mind, from the happy picture they just painted for you, and you'll forget the disclaimer they just gave you because they're required by law to give you the disclaimer, but they can tell you anyway they want...

So they use submodalities to do it.

Small, hard to read print doesn't really have any emotional effect on you. Especially when the rest of the screen is filled with happy pictures, words, sounds, and feelings.

But if they were to say to you, "Look, guys, if you take this pill, your dick might not work," would you really rush off to your healthcare provider to ask for your dose of "cockblock 2000 (tm)"? (That is now trademarked, thank you very much... I'm going to model my friend Xxxxx and come out with a product on how you can pour cold water on any fire in any woman's heart and screw up virtually any guy's date in just 10 seconds or less... And I'm going to call it "cockblock 2000".) I got a friend who will get a kick out of that one... Especially when I show him how to use it to get even with a certain someone... :-)

Anyway, we're talking about advertising? Or are we talking about things that cause blood vessels to dilate so other things just seem to grow naturally for you.... hehehe

So we're laughing about that little pill and those ads that install the hypnotic suggestion that you'll be able to keep it up for more than 4 hours, and a guy at work goes, "Man, that's painful, too! I took some yohimbe (sp?) root and made some tea out of it, and I went to bed with a hard on, and when I woke up again, it was the same way it was when I went to sleep, and man did it hurt!"

So naturally, after his hypnotic installation of having it last for EIGHT hours instead of four, the first thing I did when I got off from work was to go to Walmart to see if they had any yoyimbe supplements...

Darn. They didn't have it. I guess I'll have to wait until I can get to the health food store...

Anyways, are you looking for a fun way to set negative anchors on someone's sex life?
Let me give you a sneak peek at just SOME of what's going to be in "Cockblock 2000".

God, I'm a mean little devil when I want to get even with someone... LOL

Anyways, use this at your own discretion. I'm only sharing IDEAS. I'm not telling anyone to do this or not to do it. I'm just sharing thoughts from my mind... A little something off the top of my head...

Ok, so we were talking at work, and you know how conversations sometimes go...

So we're talking about things that go BANG!

And I started talking with a friend of mine about books we used to read on how to make improvised things that we would never attempt to make because we like having our arms, hands, and fingers still attached to our bodies.

And it reminded me of the last Zoro movie they made. Don't ask me the name of it. It was the sequal that had Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones in it.

I'm too damn lazy to go to Google or Yahoo Movies and look it up.

Anyway, the crooks in the movie were making nitroglycerine out of soap.

I don't know how they did it without blowing themselves up.

But the nitroglycerine thought was an anchor, a trigger, that reminded me of my grandma and her nitroglycerine tablets she had to carry with her in case of heart attack.

And we were talking about how that dilates the blood vessels and how some red wines do that too, and too damn bad you can't just make it go to your dick so all the blood goes there.

And then I said, "Yeah, but I wish I knew how to make that nitroglycerine patch my grandma used to wear." (It came in a tube, and she had to put it on her arm, then wrap saran wrap over it, and it helped dilate the blood vessels, but it also gave nasty headaches if too much got applied...)

"Can you imagine if you had some of that nitroglycerine patch, and you could put it on your dick to make your dick hard!"

Then I stopped and paused and said, "Damn, that would suck! You'd be all ready to go at it, and then you'd stick it in, and then your wife would get a headache half-way through the best sex you thought you were ever going to have, and she'd turn away and say, "Stop, honey, I can't do it right now. I have a headache!"


So I can't wait to try this out on a couple and see if I can screw up their next night of sex so as soon as he sticks it in, she's hypnotically conditioned to have a headache, AND since I anchored it with laughter, she'll feel ok about the whole thing, too...

God, that's so evil...

I gotta polish that up some more for the next time someone pisses me off...

Anyways... I hope you know this is all in jest and fun.

The point is, stay aware and alert for the covert installations that take place all around you every day. And then you might also have some fun and ask yourself, "Hmm... If that works so well in that context, I wonder what else I might be able to do with what I just learned!"

Now go have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breating Exercises for Mind Control, Self Hypnosis, Seduction, Etc...

There are lots of breathing exercises out there. And most people don't really explain them to you very well, they just say "do this".

Well, I've learned several different breathing methods from Dr. La Tourrette, and I'd like to share one of them with you today.

Breathing is important because it helps you absorb vital force from the air around you.

And vital force is necessary for control of the emotions, for seduction, for self hypnosis and to have hypnotic influence and especially necessary to have mesmeric influence over others.

You just can't do mesmerism unless you've got vital force.

This is a basic breathing exercise that you can also use with the Huna "Ha Breath Rite. For more on the Huna information, see this post I made, and click the link in the post to go to Rev. Vince Wingo's group: . Or you could just go to his website at .

Anyway, practice this breathing exercise while sitting or laying down. Do not do it at first while driving, operating machinery, etc because some people get light headed IF they are not used to getting that much oxygen in their breathing.

Take a deep breath and take 4 seconds to inhale.

(If the 4 second drill is difficult for you at first, you can substitute 2 seconds, and work your way up to 4 seconds as you get comfortable with the breathing drill...)

Hold for 4 seconds.

Exhale for 4 seconds.

Hold for 4 seconds.

Repeat by inhaling again for 4 seconds.

And relax your body as you breathe.

Notice that by the 3rd round of inhalation / exhalation, you should be disconnected from the stress response, if you were stressed out previously.

You can combine this with the forehead neurovascular drills, too, by the way...

Anyway, so the PAUSES are necessary. Make sure you INCLUDE the pauses.

Doc showed us how the vital force from the air is only absorbed by your energy field when you do the pauses.

Notice how after a couple of minutes of the breathing exercise, you feel energized and more balanced and able to think more clearly.

Again, if the 4 seconds in the drill is too difficult for you, start with 2 seconds and work your way up.

On this particular breathing drill, you do the same length of time for each segment of the drill.

You can also work your way up higher than 4 seconds, as long as you're comfortable with it.

There are other breathing drills to help induce the theta state of mind, bamboo breathing, fire breathing, and so on... Maybe we'll cover some of the other breathing drills for mind control later on.

Thanks for reading my blog!

See you again soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Monday, May 22, 2006

Lazy Bastard's Guide To Radiant Energies For Seduction

WOW! I can hardly believe it!

Ok, let me start at the beginning... Well, maybe let me start somewhere after that, or this could take effing all night long... (No, not that! I don't mean for you women out there to imagine f'ing me all night long...)...

Ok, so Doc (Dr. John M. La Tourrette) told us at the Kahuna Mind seminar that the unconscious mind thrives on appreciation. We verified this with energy testing, too, by the way.

So the idea is that when the unconscious mind gives you valuable information, you immediately show appreciation, and then your mind tends to give you even more and more good stuff.

So, oh, yeah, and I also recently finished listening to one of Brian Tracy's programs. I won't tell you which one because I'm pissed at the company that does the affiliate program for the people who sell that course.

I signed up for the affiliate program, and they made me go through all hell to sign up, and then, just when I thought I was finished, they made me go through even MORE hoops.

So screw them; buy my products instead! LOL

Anyways, Brian Tracy has AWESOME products -- his books, tapes, CD's, videos...

Hey, let me let you in on a secret...

If you work somewhere that evaluates you on a regular basis, study some of his materials, and then write up how you use the ideas from the book or course you studied in your workplace to make yourself a more valuable employee.

You might also get asked to share that with your co-workers, making you even more valuable and giving yourself more good things to put on your resume.

Anyways, the company I used to work for before they spun off my division had a bunch of Brian Tracy videos in their online training catalog, so I got paid like $22 bucks an hour to sit there and study Brian Tracy videos and take notes on them, when I would have GLADLY paid for the materials myself and studied them on my own time.

There are ALWAYS ways to get ahead in life.

Anyone who says otherwise just has a victim mentality.

Heck, even if you're an unskilled laborer hired by a temp agency (like, say you stuff envelopes at a printing / mailing / direct marketing warehouse), there's ALWAYS something you can learn.

You can ask questions of the people where you work, and learn new things. See if they will let you take training there on your own time.

And even the temp agencies will let you take Microsoft tutorials or other trainings on THEIR equipment, on your own time.

If you don't think you have time, think again!

How much time do you watch tv? Or do you go to the movies? Or anything else?

Just 30 minutes to an hour a week can, in no time at all, give you some additional training that will make you more marketable.

I got lots of customer service training, and the only reason I got my job that got me in the door was because I learned how to type and use the computer in college.

Then after college, I had a data entry job through a temp agency. That got my typing speed up to where I could apply for my first job with Sprint.

They spent lots and lots of money training me after that.

Anyways, so I came across my notes from Doc's seminar, and I also noticed that Brian Tracy said that he teaches his students to tell themselves "I like myself!" before they do a sales presentation.

So I made a recording to "butter up" my subconscious mind, where I tell myself how much I like myself, and then I give myself additional suggestions to work some more on my radiant energies while I sleep.

Then I play that recording through my neurophone while I'm sleeping.

You don't have to have a neurophone to do it. I like the neurophone because it doesn't wake me up like headphones or speakers do, AND it utilizes different nerve connections than if I just had speakers playing.

I wake up with more energy and more refreshed and happier.

Well, so this evening, I go to Culver's to pick up dinner on my break from work...

And it was amazing how HOT chicks were looking at me and smiling the most awesome and sincere smiles!

This kind of thing usually doesn't happen UNLESS I do a good bit of energy drills and self-hypnosis before I go out, and I set up anchors for it.

But heck, I've been doing a good bit of the work while I'm asleep! I do lots of timeline work while I'm asleep, too!

Of course I had to do the drills in the first place to learn them, and I still need to do them at other times too...

Anyways, it's time for me to hook up to my neurophone! I got the plain white one. Need to get mine in blew. Uh, I mean I need to get a blue one...

I think Patrick Flannagan should send me a blue digital neurophone for all the free advertising, don'tcha think! hahaha Just kidding...

Anyways, go get a neurophone from him! Look him up on .

Also, sometimes you can find deals on reconditioned neurophones on .

Well, gotta get going.

Have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

New Article On My Website You'll Enjoy!!!

Hey there! How's it going?

I put a new page up on my website. You can check it out here: (article no longer on website, sorry...)

Saturday was an interesting day.

Yes, I know this is Sunday, but I was out late until Sunday morning...

I finally went to see Mission Impossible 3 Saturday night.

I almost didn't go see it because of all the Scientology crap in the news thanks to Tom Cruise...

Hey, I've read that Ingo Swann, Russel Targ, and Hal Puthoff all USED to be Scientologists, and they are real smart men. So there must be a darn good reason for the "used to be true about them but no longer is..."

Hell, I got nothing against Tom.

If he wants to bang and knock up a hot chick half his age, good for him. LOL

I'll be 36 in July... Any hot 18-24 year olds out there looking for a grown up sweetheart? Send your pics and info to me at...

Just kidding...

Anyways, some prude out there is going to have a cow over this, but that's ok...

Tell them you AGREE with them that we should do things the way they did back in biblical times... LOL

Abraham banged and knocked up his half sister.

Then when his kid was ready for a wife, old Abe sent him back to the relatives to find a young chick to marry so they could keep things in the family and have lots of babies.

Anyhow, the movie was pretty good.

I saw the other 2 and liked them, so I HAD to see this one.

Besides, Over The Hedge wasn't funny enough to watch 2 nights in a row. LOL

Anyhow, earlier in the day I went to a yard sale and got some stuff, including a book on Douglas Mac Arthur.

I've got so many things going on right now, that I'm not sure when I'll get to read it. It looks really good, though.

I'm real busy working on a new product for now, though...

Anyways, if you haven't already checked it out, take a look at the new page I put up on my website. Here it is again so you don't have to scroll back up to the top of the page:
(article no longer on website...)

Thanks, and see ya again real soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Radiant Energies for Seduction And To Meet Hot Women

I posted this on one of Doc's groups (click the link above in the title to go there), and I thought you might enjoy it too! I used the radiant energies tonight to get a very HOT chick (not as hot as XXXX, but still very nice looking) and very friendly chick to sit down with me almost the entire time I was there, except for when she was checking on her other tables.

Let me tell you, if you're using seduction techniques to meet women, and you're not using the radiant energies on your own energy field and not activating them in others, and not activating them at the subjective (psychic) level also, you don't know what you're missing out on!!!

Here's the post! Enjoy!

Doc! I sure do appreciate all the cool things you're teaching me!

I came across a notebook from a seminar. Don't know which one. Ok, notebooksays Kahuna Mind Secrets.

One of the quotes I wrote down in there from your seminar is "The UCM thrives onappreciation."

The context was for us to thank our own UCM when it gives us information. Also, from the one seminar where you had your students demo the "gifting" drill,we also know that OTHER People's UCM thrives our appreciation.

So before I go in to eat tonight, I defocus my eyes, and I give specific segment intendings for what I appreciate about the servers.


And then when I got in there, as the conversation with hot chick X was going on, I almost gave my opinion about something (means I almost bitched about something, which would have poured cold water on her radiant energies and would have activated my TW, which would have activated her TW, which would have fucked the whole thing up...).

And I remembered "This is a bitch circuit. I don't want bitch circuits. I want radiant circuits."

So I kept my mouth shut and changed my thoughts.

Reminded me of dinner at Sizzlin' when you got that plate full of olives, whichI don't like the taste of, and they upset my stomach, and I hate them.

But it sure was good to see YOU enjoy them, because YOU LIKE THEM.

So I mentally sent "appreciation" to her for how good it is for her to like the food she likes, so I could cancel out my own "bitch circuit".

And we did find something to share between us that we both enjoy...I had her eating off of my plate, and I sure was smart enough to anchor everybite... :-)


I sure do appreciate all the cool stuff I learn from you!


Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do You Make The Most Of Your Opportunties, Or Do You Miss Out?

Someone who recently bought my seduction CD set on how to meet women that incorporates covert hypnosis, language patterns, energy medicine techniques, and other mind control principles wrote back saying that one of the tips in the free bonus report was worth the entire price of the course! (The CD course is "How To Get Virtually Any Woman's Undivided Attention In Just 30 Seconds Or Less!!!")

I thought that was pretty neat, because it's something simple, yet it took me awhile to catch on to the power of it.

I won't tell you the specific technique in the report...

What I will do, however, is give you an important tip...

Whenever someone is in a state of mind, and it doesn't matter what state it is, ANCHOR it!

See, most people are on auto pilot.

They are a series of "knee jerk responses" that have been trained in through repetition.

Sort of like in The Manchurian Candidate.

You might also read Andrew Salter's writings on hypnotic conditioning and mind control.

Ok, so if a waitress is in a bad mood, go ahead and anchor it.

You can either blow out the negative anchor, OR you can leverage that anchor so she's only in a bad mood in the context away from your table.

One way to do that, is to ask her how busy she is tonight, and ask how many other tables she has to wait on.

As she mentally accesses that, you can attach the negative anchor to the other tables.

This, of course, is a mean thing to do, because she needs to be in a good mood in order to get tips and make money at her job.... But if I were to say to you to use it as a type of boyfriend destroyer pattern, some of you might think it's evil black magick voodoo stuff (lol), so we'll stick with the waitress example.

Now, just anchor good feelings to her being at your table.

So if she wants to feel good, she'll just naturally spend more time with you, and think it was all her own idea.

Start with something simple to learn the skill...

Then get good at it.

And as you start to get good at this simple, yet effective mind control skill, you will notice that it really doesn't matter WHAT response the other person has. The only thing that matters is where they currently are, and where you want them to go.

Because the more you master this skill, the easier it becomes to get people to go where you want them to go.

Especially when you've got good rapport with them.

Now go have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Radiant energies while you sleep

Wow! This makes a couple of nights in a row that I've been using my Neurophone along with suggestions to work on radiant energies while I'm asleep.

I include a suggestion that when I wake up, I will be wide awake and fully alert.

I've been waking up feeling better than I have in a long time.

And the benefits have carried over into the day, too, with my radiant energies activated.

You could, of course, use a recording with headphones or speakers.

I like the Neurophone, though, because it's more comfortable than headphones, AND the suggestions don't tend to wake me up like they do when played through speakers or headphones.

In other words, I have the most awesome sleep!

I wonder why I waited so long to start using my Neurophone more often?

I wonder what else I can do with it? :-)

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Monday, May 15, 2006

Do What You Love To Do!

Are you tired and drained at the end of the day?

Do you spend your days off sleeping and cursing your next day back at work?

Find something you love to do (that other people are interested in), and ask yourself the magic question: "If I could figure out how to do this all the time, how would I?"

I know my days at work drag on and on, but when I get home, I sit at the computer or taking notes on a book or video, and except for an occassional "catnap" here and there, it doesn't seem like "work" at all.

Just lots and lots of fun!

Heck, I've been up almost all night, and I have to get up in a few hours to go to work.

And I'm not nearly as tired as I was when I got off work.

Maybe I'll start doing seminars here and there a couple times a year... Who knows...

Anyway, the point is that when you're doing what you ENJOY doing, instead of wearing you out, it ENERGIZES your body and mind.

I suppose I should go get some sleep now.

And I'm enjoying my sleep much better, too! I've been using a recording I made for myself along with my Neurophone.

By the way, I have the older white / cream colored Neurophone. If anyone has one of the BLUE digital Neurophones that you would like to send me for free because you love my articles :-) write to me and let me know...

I also accept donations for diet pepsi and pizza...

And pics from hot women who love my posts...


It really is time to go to bed now....

See you again soon!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Addicting Mindcontrol Games You Can Play For Free

You'll want to pay attention here and have some fun with these addicting mindcontrol games you can play for free because I'm going to refer back to this article later on when I post even more amzing fun games you can play that I know you will get addicted to once you see how easy and fun it is to do!

Find a theater and get there early and sit where you can see most or all of the seats or go to a food court.

As someone is about to sit in a chair, pretend, in your imagination, that there is a huge, messy, sticky, smelly dog turd there in that chair the person is about to sit in.

Pretend you can see it, you can smell it, the taste of it is in the air, and it's moist and messy, and pretend you can feel what it would feel like to sit in it if you were that person and happened to sit in that chair.

See if you can get that person to change their mind about where they want to sit. Many times the person will change the seat they were going to sit in.

You can do an alternate experiment with something really nice and see if you can get people to select that chair versus a different chair.

Then, with practice, you can do both -- influence with your mind to avoid the chair they're about to sit in, and sit instead in the chair YOU want them to sit in.

This is lots of fun once you get the hang of it!

Make sure you PRETEND, and use your IMAGINATION.

Will power doesn't seem to work all that well.

Act like you're a kid again, and just pretend it is there and pretend you can see it, smell it, etc. Get your imagination and your senses involved.

Have fun with this addicting mind game and find how many different variations you can come up with.

Post your comments on the blog and let us know how much fun you had with it!

For more fun with addicting mind control games, check out my book at !

Have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
AND the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Friday, May 12, 2006

Are You Controlled By Guilt From Others?

Mindcontrol techniques can be used to enslave people, or they can be used to set yourself and others free.

And most of the time I like to focus on the positive aspects of mindcontrol.

Have you noticed, though, how often guilt and social approval are used as a means to control people, even at very basic levels of behavior.

You want to go get something for lunch while at work, and 5 other people who are too lazy to take care of themselves want you to get something for them too. But they don't want what you want, they want you to go somewhere else for them.

And if you don't want to, you're considered rude, uncaring, selfish, etc.

Did you realize that the only way YOU can be happy is when you do what YOU want to do?

I'm not talking about being anti social.

But you can't really do anything NICE for others UNLESS you're first doing what you want.

What happens when you didn't want anything from the burger joint down the street, but you went there because that's what everybody else wanted?

You come back with the food you didn't want, and you don't enjoy it because you're thinking how much you want something else, and all the time on the inside you're cursing and resenting those others that you went and did something nice for.

And God help them if they don't do a favor for YOU later on!

It would be better to just do what you're already going to do that makes you happy.

And if you want to get something for someone else while you're already there, then fine. Otherwise, they are grown adults. Let them get their own damn food.

Notice how GOOD you feel when you actually do what YOU want for a change.

And when you come back, and others bitch and moan about how you left without telling them or asking if they wanted anything, you can repeat to yourself mentally, on the inside, "Yeah, BUT I LIKE MYSELF! :-) "

Let others take their guilt that they're trying to force on you, and let them shove it where the sun don't shine!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring
the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hypnotic Mind Control From Anchoring A Break State

Have you ever stopped to discover the hypnotic power of a well-conditioned break state?

A couple really good break states are laughter (see Dr. La Tourrette's joy circuits seminar and his Covert Influence seminar videos) and the visual uptime awareness state (see Doc's Lost And Forgotten Secrets of Hypnosis To Get What You Want From Yourself And Others! videos).

The neat thing is that you can covertly anchor that break state with a word or touch or gesture while using common language patterns.

For instance, let's say you're interviewing someone. You could ask them if they noticed the beautiful red roses on their way in through the door. Then when they go into visual remembered mode, you could anchor that.

Or you could comment on something they are wearing, while talking about the texture or color, and anchor that visual awareness.

Break states have various uses.

One good use for yourself is to anchor a break state and then fire off that anchor whenever you're stressed about something. That way you can have clear thinking and decide what to do from there.

Of course, there are lots of other good reasons to anchor in a break state to interrupt an unwanted state or response.

And when done over time, you can literally RECONDITION someone, through the power of hypnotic repetition, to have whatever response YOU want them to have.

Isn't that cool!

Have fun! See you next time...

Jim Knippenberg

Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring ANDthe exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Energy Ball Fun At Walmart

Well I took the day off from work Tuesday.

Had to get a haircut so I can do my new video :-)

Plus I wanted to work on my website to get some more articles out there.

Anyways, I went to Walmart to get some #0 bubble wrap envelopes so I could ship out a CD set, and while I was there, I decided to have some fun with energy balls.

I just went around unzipping people and tossing energy balls, and calibrating their response.

Lotsa fun!

Especially when you first activate your own "Care Bears Heart" and your other radiant energies!

I also went out to the pet store and had some fun with the animals and went to a Kmart next to the pet store.

I like Target, but for some reason, I usually have more fun in Walmart or Kmart.

Those of you who are interested in the mini trampoline drill to help clear your lymphatics and to keep your energies flowing might like this bit of information: I found ANOTHER place you can get a mini trampoline / rebounder for a decent price!

Yes, Kmart has a Weider mini trampoline! It's a 38 inch one, if I recall correctly, and it FOLDS!

It also has springs!

Walmart sells a folding one that has straps, but I like the spring ones better. The Weider rebounder is $39.99 at Kmart, which is about the same price I paid for the one I got at Dick's sporting goods, but mine doesn't fold up.

Anyways, the rebounder drills are awesome ways to keep your energies clean and humming if you're going to go out and play with energy balls!

See, if your energies are clogged up, running backwards, or full of "psychic gunk" then people are not going to be as attracted to you as they will be when your energies are running clean and in the correct direction.

It was funny going through Walmart looking at people's energy fields and noticing those who were constipated really badly and needed to get rid of that "gunk" inside their body and inside their energy field.

Anyway, when you notice that sort of thing, help them out with covert energy techniques. However, sometimes they just need to adjust their diet or massage the illeocal valve and houston valve and take a good dump. hahaha

Anyways, I'll probably post more later sometime on energy balls... It's an awesome way to add fun to what would otherwise be a mediocre or "boring" day.

Catch ya'll later! I gotta get some sleep!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring ANDthe exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hypnotic Seduction And Psychic Attack

Someone wrote and asked if they would be vulnerable to psychic attack from women while trying to make the woman like him, using hypnotic seduction techniques.


First of all, the guy is psychic attack ing himself.

Here's why:

He's going out to DO something TO someone, and he knows, deep down inside, he's trying to use skills to take advantage of someone, without any regard for that person's well being or the good of all concerned.

You can, in fact, learn to do that, if you so choose.

However, that guy has unresolved guilt about it, and he's going to keep shooting himself in the foot when it comes to women.

Here's what happens when two people are in a trance: The subjective commnunications (subconscious communications) between them are enhanced. This includes telepathic communications. Most telepathic communications are not at the threshold of conscious awareness.

You just get a feeling about someone.

Those feelings are the subconscious mind's way of warning you about them.

Now, unfortunately, the subconscious mind is subject to previous beliefs and conditioning. So it might just feel bad because "mommy" or "daddy" or "the preacher" said something is wrong.

That's the topic for a different post.

So, anyway, when a guy is going up to a woman, especially when he's stuck inside his head, talking trash to himself, he's in a trance.

Then he goes and uses a technique that induces trance in the woman -- whether it's a metaphor / story about his friend Suzie or some other technique.

So now the woman's senses are even sharper -- and MOST women are hooked up to their intuitions better than men are in the first place.

So he's got bad feelings about what he's doing, and he's full of guilt and shame and paranoid thoughts about getting turned down or "attacked", so telepathically, he communicates all those things to the woman, and her subconscious recognizes those things, whether she's consciously aware or not, and she responds, as do all trance subjects in a heightened state of suggestibility, with a response to the suggestion she's just gotten from the guy.

It would be much better and much more useful for the guy to condition himself to think good, positive thoughts about how he can help the woman he wants to feel good. About how much fun she can have with him. About how he's interested in her as a person.

Then, the law of suggestibility would work IN his favor instead of against him.

That guy who wrote won't learn, though, not in this lifetime... At least not while he's too lazy to do a few excercises to improve his mind and his quality of thinking.

As my friend Dr. La Tourrette says in several of his martial arts advertisements: "Even we can't multiply zeros."

So if someone is emotionally bankrupt, they will not be able to attract good relationships until they start to use the mind control techniques to first improve themselves on the inside.

The good news is that YOU get to choose what you do with your life. YOU get to choose what you will and won't attract.

Thanks again for reading this weblog, and have an awesome day!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring ANDthe exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Monday, May 08, 2006

Are You Too Fat To Get A Date (Or bald or ugly or old or skinny)?

Are You Too Fat To Get A Date (Or bald or ugly or old or skinny)?

What excuse have you been giving yourself?

Did you know that every day, there are people with whatever it is you think stands in your way who are out having lots of fun with someone?

It's the ENERGIES that attract people.

And "fat" or "ugly" or whatever else shows up in the energy field WAY before it ever shows up in the physical body. The good news is that since the energies are what attracts people to you, you can start to change your energy field NOW, and the physical changes will come in time.

Sometimes that means you lose weight. Other times it might mean you find a way to look attractive, even though you're bald or you learn to put on some muscle or whatever.

Sometimes the physical effects are from another lifetime, as in Cerminara's book where she described a person with beautiful hands who made a living from modeling her hands for things like soap commercials. The woman had been a very caring person in a previous lifetime, using her hands to do good things for other people.

Well, I don't care if you believe in past lifetimes or not. I don't believe in past lifetimes. I didn't believe in them the last three times I was here, either. But FIVE lifetimes ago, I DID believe in them, and I even had recollection of my previous lives before that one. LOL

Just kidding...

Look, the point is that when you change your ENERGY field, you change the results you get with others.

I was out on a date with a really beautiful lady recently. Heck, SHE asked me out!

Yes, I programmed to go out with her. :-)

Anyway, it was so awesome how we connected with each other at different points in the conversation. And as we talked about people's energies, I said to her, "You know, MOST guys have a reversed heart energy like this (as I traced my own backwards, to backflush it, because I needed it at the moment, so I just worked it into the conversation!), but when people are really attracted to each other, the heart energies go like this," (and I traced my heart energy ["Care Bear Heart"] FORWARD THREE times).

She did not react at all the first time I traced it correctly. I traced it two times. Then I showed her my palms and I activated my palm and finger chakras (by rubbing my hands together, then "intending" to charge them as I stretched my hands and held them palms facing her), then I traced my heart energy ONE more time, for a total of three times.

On the THIRD time, she got an involuntary GRIN on her face. I mean she LIT UP!

And her eyes went to that place where you know, you have certain thoughts about people...

Well, you can question whether or not it worked, but you tell me, when someone gazes at you, and the pupils of their eyes are almost bigger than their eyes, what does that TELL you about their level of interest in you right then and there?

All I know is I programmed for the effect. I charged my energy field BEFORE the date. Then during the date, I did the energy drill because I needed to, and I just worked it into the conversation.

Now I was careful to NOT use it as a chance to "teach" her or "educate her on energy fields". It was a way to open up and connect with her.

Did you know when people are stressed it causes their aura to collapse (except for the Triple Warmer that sparks out and the joints that leak and "spark out" energy like a sieve trying to hold water).

Did you know that constant Triple Warmer overload will PREVENT you from losing weight?

I was doing the videos for my recent product, and I told about the first time I saw the commercial on TV for that product that is supposed to lower your cortisol levels in your body and reduce stress.

I energy tested for it, and my energy test said it was NOT good for me.

But the ad copy PROMISED me that it would fix all my stress and help me lose weight.

So I bought the damn pills.

Then I couldn't sleep at night! It felt like my insides were ON FIRE every time I took those pills.

But I do know some drills to reduce and control Triple Warmer.

And they work real well.

And once you have Triple Warmer under control, you can then add IN the energies you DO want to have working for you.

Have an awesome day, and thanks again for reading my blog here!

Jim Knippenberg
Author of The Amazing "GPS of The Mind" based on NLP anchoring AND
the exciting book "Psychic Close Encounters: Telepathy -- How to Get Inside Their Mind And Make Them Do Virtually Anything You Want Them To Do! (While They Think It Was All Their Own Idea!!!)"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Huna-Ohana : Message: Re: [Huna-Ohana] Should you really be using the sacred huna for seduction?

Someone wrote and told me they thought THIS post, below, contradicted the previous newsletter and post about guys who use Mind Control to attract someone, then don't remember to use the skills to improve themselves also.

Well, if one person thinks that and wrote about it, it's highly likely someone else thinks the same thing...

Notice, that the posts are COMPLIMENTARY.

Obviously, I am in favor of using mind control methods to attract people. That's what all of my products show you how to do (except in some cases, my products show you also how to get rid of people you don't want around! LOL).

Read this entry, and the previous one about using Mind Control to improve yourself so that you can attract others, and notice that the posts are, in fact, complimentary, and both say the same thing.

I love Mind Control technologies, and I'm grateful to those who have taught me: Dr. John M. La Tourrette, "Major Mark" Cunningham, Dr. Yates Canipe, and Ross Jeffries. I've also gotten a lot of benefit from Kenrick Cleveland's courses. And that doesn't even begin to mention the others I've studied who have passed on and left their influence in their writings -- Thomson Jay Hudson, Edward B. Warman, C. W. Leadbeater, Robert Crookall, and many, many others -- I truly appreciate the things I have learned from studying them that have made me a better person and have helped me to have more influence with others.

Anyways, here's the post that I did on Vince's Huna-Ohana group.

If you're not yet a member, go subscribe. It's an awesome group. Go study the materials in their message archive.

Huna-Ohana : Message: Re: [Huna-Ohana] Should you really be using the sacred huna for seduction?:

SO, the first signs of 'unattraction' or 'conflict' in a relationship, you think both parties should bail out?

What if (and I know this is probably a long stretch for you to take this), but what if someone were to actually LIKE you enough to take the effort to help you experience the kind of relationship that would fulfill you (assuming it is possible for you to be fulfilled).

Would you then make that person pay hell for LIKING you enough to do something nice for you?

Or if someone were to take the trouble to learn the various meta programs so they could communicate in ways that are meaningful for you, would you then make their life hell for trying to communicate better with you?

My take on this is that any person with experience using these skills would know enough to AVOID a person who has suck negative beliefs about seduction, romance, and communication between two people.

Does getting dressed nice or doing your hair or nails or fixing a person's favorite dinner because you LIKE them amount to 'stooping to other means to seduce them'?

And, by the way, you know almost nothing about attractor fields and persuasion. MOST healthy, sane women have a good enough hook up to their intuition to recognize the type of person who is only out to use and take advantage of them.

And those who attract pond scum do so because they had a lesson to learn.

So what's YOUR point?

Just because some people are out to take advantage of others, you would throw out the baby with the bath water?

What if we just get rid of ALL women because some of them are cold, hateful, vengeful bitches?

Doesn't quite fix the damn problem, does it?

A couple of years ago, I wrote a personals ad and someone who was 19 at the time replied, knowing that I was more than 10 years older than her.

She liked the ad and wanted to get to know me more.

She and I went out a few times, and she STILL swears to this day that I'm the MOST INCREDIBLE man she's ever met. She HAD a past history of going out with guys who treated her like crap and having friends who took advantage of her.

Yet spending a few hours with me let her know just how WONDERFUL and CARING of a woman SHE is, and just what WONDERFUL THINGS SHE CAN EXPERIENCE with someone.

It FOREVER changed the standard she had for what's possible to experience with a man.

I guess I was just being a selfish, manipulative pervert trying to take advantage of the unsuspecting, huhn?

So if you have a problem with someone learning MEANINGFUL ways to attract romance and love into their life and to help OTHERS experience more love and romance, then that is YOUR problem, and no one else's, so quit trying to do your black magician on those with real good intentions to help others experience the BEST they possibly can have in life.:-)

What you do and what you attract is YOUR choice.

Have fun! :-)

Thanks again for subscribing to my blog! I should have a "subscribe to this blog" button installed on here soon...

Have an awesome day, and go have fun with the mind control, covert hypnosis, and psychic and remote influence techniques you're learning!

Remember to keep your skills to yourself, because others out there, even your closest friends (unless they are also learning these techniques) will not understand and will accuse you of trying to use mind control to manipulate them, even if you're not.

SO keep your mindcontrol skills to yourself, "close to the vest" as my one friend likes to say, and go have fun with the power and influence you're learning to have with yourself and with others!

Jim Knippenberg

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Using Mind Control and Self Mind Control to improve yourself and others

One of my friends asked me in a private email awhile ago whether or not it was worth using Mind Control to nudge someone in a certain direction when the person was inclined to do something else instead.

Well, it depends.

And we can sure use Mind Control to help condition ourselves and others. For instance, check out Pavlov. Check out Andrew Salter's book and research. Remember the movie the Manchurian Candidate? :-)

What's easier, though, to change the world?

Or to change yourself so you can havemore influence on the world?

My friend, Dr. La Tourrette tells the time he went into a pawn shop where he's spent TENS of thousands of dollars on their stuff.

They know him real well and like it when he goes in there to spend money.

So one day he went in there in jeans and a t-shirt. He was in there several minutes, walking around, looking at the merchandise, andthey ignored him.

So he left and went somewhere else instead.

Later he decided to go back in, and this time he put on a nice sports jacket and his good (expensive!) hat.

As soon as he walked in, they said, "HEY, Doc! How you doing today? Good to see you!"

Is it right? Is it fair? Shouldn't other people give us the service we deserve?

Maybe it's not right and it's not fair... But that's how it is.

Like my grandma always used to say, "Nothing in life is fair."

Life is what you MAKE of it. Most people are on autopilot and do not know it. Nor do they understand what it is that motivates themselves and others. So anyway, people learn Mind Control techniques -- whether the NLP / hypnosis seduction patterns or the psychic influence or whatever -- with the intent to go get someoneto like them. They run the patterns they know, and they get someone all goo-goo eyed over them.

They might even "score" with the person.

Then after a couple of dates, they are bewildered that the person is no longer interested in them.

Why not?Well, because they tried to use techniques ON someone else and neglected to use the techniques to improve themselves so they could become the kind of person that naturally attracts others.

Or maybe they didn't have clarity on what type of person they wanted to be with.

I remember one time at the Huna Convention (you can write to Rev. Vince Wingo at for info on the Huna Convention coming up in July) Doc showed us a neat and fun way to find out one of the main driver Meta Programs that people have, and he told me what kind of person I would be compatible with.

I thought that was real interesting. Then I started to wonder what I would need to do to attract other types of people too. Now I'm thinking, wow, Doc sure did give me some real good advice back then! I think I like it!

We'll get more into Meta Programs and how to use them in a future newsletter.

So when you go out to influence someone to like you, instead of focusing on how you think you "need" that specific person, instead take a moment to figureout what QUALITIES in a person are important to you.

And what can you also provide them that is of value to them. This is one reason why the ENERGY MEDICINE and ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY techniques that Doc teaches are so important.

Those techniques actually HEAL your energy field and start to make positive change in your life. They drastically improve the way you are able to relate with and connect with others.

In an upcoming newsletter, I'll show you how you can start to recognize and use Meta Programs to speak the same language the other person is speaking, so they feel as if you've already known each other for a long time, even if you just met (or even if you've never even seen each other before! Those of you who like to use the personal ads to meet people will LOVE this information!!!).

Thanks again for subscribing! I look forward to talking with you again real soon in the next newsletter!

Sincerely,Jim Knippenberg

P.S. You can find out more about Dr. John M. La Tourrette at his yahoogroups and .

Rev. Vince Wingo's yahoo group can be found at .

Friday, May 05, 2006

Mind Control Affects Everyone!

We are all on autopilot; we are al being controlled, even if the person(s) who control us are no longer alive.

We've all been conditioned, just like in the Manchurian Candidate, to have specific responses.

The good news is that you can start to recognize the mindcontrol methods that have been used on you, and you can collapse those old, unwanted responses, and you can begin to condition yourself through either self hypnosis and repetition or through triggers or anchors and repetition so that you can learn to have control of your own mind.

This is just one aspect of self mindcontrol.

There is much more. However, when you can begin to have control over your own thoughts and emotions, then it becomes much easier to lead others.

Take a moment and list the things you believe are truly important in life.

Were they your own choices? Or did someone else program them in?

My family believes that people have to work hard to get money and that it takes lots of time and hard work to get rich.

Others believe that working smart is better than working hard, and that wealth and abundance of money are out there for anyone willing to claim it.

Who is right?

They both are. They have both been conditioned with certain beliefs and experiences.

The good news is that when you start to take control of your mind, you can change your beliefs and your experiences and your outcomes.

For more information on how to condition your own mind and the mind of others, check out my book on covert mind control called The Amazing "GPS Of The Mind".

It's chock full of fun examples of how you can start to use one of the most basic and effective tools of mindcontrol right now.

Click on to find out more.

Have fun!

Jim Knippenberg