Saturday, April 29, 2006

Meet Women Anytime Anywhere

This is funny. I've been doing mental programming to have women hit on me, just to see what happens.

So Friday night, I'm at a gas station / convenience store to get a fountain diet Mountain Dew, and as I get out of my truck, this hot chick in the car next to me in the parking lot starts talking to me, even though she's with two guys.

And a couple of days ago, a nice looking red-head at a bbq place starts flirting with me...

I could tell you how I programmed, but then I would have to charge you money! :-) Just kidding...

Dr. La Tourrette does have a post on "broadcasting" to send your message on the non-local universe to all the women (or men) who fit your criteria. You should check out his yahoogroup. Go to and search for mindmastery-essentialskills.

Well, heck, it's almost 7 am here, and I have to get up soon to go hit some neighborhood yard / garage sales.

Have a fun day!

Jim Knippenberg

Friday, April 28, 2006

Is Mind Control "Evil"?

Is it wrong to learn Mind Control?
(c) 2006 James R. Knippenberg


Every once in awhile, some prude on a newsgroup will bash those who want to learn mind control and seduction techniques, not knowing that their installations of guilt are a very potent and poisonous form of mindcontrol. Those people would do everything in their power to prevent you from learning and growing and enjoying good,healthy, happy relationships in life.


I do, however, "like" those prudish people. Let me tell you why: Every time they get on their soap boxes, my book sales go through the roof!

Maybe I should send JerryFalwell and Pat Robertson a copy of my book, eh? hahaha

Look, most people don't understand Mind Control. We all get into it for various reasons. Either we want something or we experienced some disappointment and swore we'd never let that happen again -- we've all got our own good reasons for learning here. What most people don't understand, though, is that when you get into the mindcontrol technologies, sooner or later you will discover that in order to have the most influence and power in life, you need to first use the mind control techniques to improve YOURSELF.

What do you do if you want a car and you don't have the money and can't get a loan? You work some extra hours, save your money, and one day, you go down to the car dealer, and you get the car you want. Sometimes you discover that you don't like the car you used to think was good for you, and you can have and, by God, you deserve, an even better car than you had originally planned on.

Well, that's how these mind techniques work. You go make more money and then decide you're good enough that you can learn to become self-employed or you have more choices with the kinds of men or women you can attract, so you no longer settle for the first one that comes along just because you "need" to be with someone.

Some prudes make fun of those who want to improve themselves by saying "What kind of desperate person needs to resort to that to get people to like them? Those prudes are full of crap, and they most likely are unfulfilled in their own lives. They think seduction is evil. They think the type of person who would seduce women is a desperate weed wacker.

Look, who would YOU rather have for a lover? Someone who is willing to get by with what they already know from mommy and daddy (which with the way families are going today probably isn't very appealing, is it?)? Or would you rather have a lover who wants to know how to light you up on the inside and how to make you happy that the two of you met each other!

The so-called "logic" of those prudes is that you should settle for what "God" gave you at birth.

Guess what.

You were given two things at birth: Fear of loud noises and fear of falling.

And NEITHER of those two fears will help you find romance!

Everything else was PROGRAMMED IN, and mostly by those who raised you.

God didn't have a darn thing to do with it.

Should we then conclude with those evil, hateful prudes that those who do not know how to drive a car should not resort to such silly tactics as to take driver's ed sothey can learn to enjoy driving a car? I mean, after all, shouldn't they just be happy with the pair of legs God gave them and walk instead of cruise through life? It just doesn't make any sense!

We all have different backgrounds. Some of us learned more about how to relate to different people than others learned. But we all have things to learn.

We already KNOW that men and women are wired differently and think differently for the most part. So just because mommy and daddy were defficient in their communication skills, does that mean you also should be forever doomed to what you already know?

That is hogwash, plain and simple.

Now most of you on this newsletter already have my book GPS of The Mind ( ), andyou know there are some very simple and easy things you can do to improve your relationships with others and enhance those happy moments you have with each other.

One of the things I'm most often asked, though, is how to go meet people. Many people out there are FINE once they meet someone. It's that first part that is most difficult for them.

Several of the men here already have my 2 CD Set on "HowTo Get Virtually Any Woman's Undivided Attention In Just 30 Seconds Or Less!!!" However, there are several new subscribers here, so if you don't already have this AWESOME CD set and the reports that come with it, click here to check it out: .

So if you're a guy on this list, and you don't have it yet, click that link and check it out. Some of the how to in there will work for women, also, but the CD's were recorded with men in mind, focusing on how to meet women.

I hope you're enjoying these newsletters. (sign up at )

And if you have a friend or relative who would benefit from the info in these newsletters, forward it to them, also, and tell themto get THEIR subscription too!

I'll see you again soon with more awesome Mind ControlArticles! I have some really COOL things I'm outlining for the future newsletters. You'll want to make sure you stay tuned for more real good stuff!

Thanks, and have an AWESOME day!

Sincerely,Jim Knippenberg

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