Thursday, August 31, 2006


I sent this to my newsletter on Thursday. The only thing that has changed is there are only 9 days left now instead of 10...

Hi! On Sunday I did a Dream Invader's seminar here in the Kansas Cityarea, and we got some awesome materials on videotape.Many of you have been asking when I'm going to have a Dream Invader'scourse -- especially those of you who missed out on the email class Idid last November / December.

Here's your chance to get BOTH seminars at an amazing low discount! This pre-order special is good for the next 10 days only. I offered this to everyone who bought my telepathy ebook, and I wanted to include my other customers as well, because I sure do appreciateyour business. Click here to read about the offer that is only for the next 10 days: (Sorry, offer has expired, see for current Dream Invader "crash course" and "Deluxe Home Study Course" details.

Thanks, and have an awesome day!
Jim Knippenberg

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What Does Remote Viewing and Remote Psychic Influence Have To Do With The Speed of Your Seduction Success With Them?

Try this and see how it works for you. Do it with an attitude of appreciation for the other person and an interest in their well-being instead of doing it to try to manipulate them or make them "owe" you.

They will tend to respond as if they want to do something for you because you've helped them out.

However, if they sense on a subjective (subconscious) level that you are out to manipulate or screw them over, they will resent you instead of liking you and wanting to do something for you too.

So next time you Remote View someone for the purpose of doing Remote Influence -- whether it's before a business meeting or before a date with someone you want to seduce and give a wonderful romantic time to, or a family gathering or whatever it is you're going to do, if you detect any abnormalities or problems in the person's energy field, go ahead and mentally fix them.

Reach out with your physical hands and correct those problems on the mental screen BEFORE you talk with them (at level) about what you want them to do or what kind of experience you want to create with them.

Now obviously, when you're in person with someone you want to date, you do NOT want to be their "therapist". If that's the case, you should forget about dating them.

We're talking about something else though -- that is leaving people better than you found them and helping correct problems in the energy field to help strengthen the person in ways that are beneficial.

Just go ahead and DO it -- practice it a few times -- and see how people start to respond to you differently than they did before...

For more on Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing, and Remote Healing, check out the free archives at Dr. La Tourrette's mindmastery-essentialskills and healingenergies-essentialskills yahoo groups.

Have fun!

Jim Knippenberg
Kahuna Mind Trainer, certified by Dr. John M. La Tourrette
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What does Huna Have To Do With The Speed of Your Seduction And Instant Romance ?

Ok, most people who talk about Huna talk about the 3 selves (and they typically get it wrong, because they talk about the High Self as if it were some "other" being or entity outside of us).

We all know that "a house divided against itself cannot stand," so while we might pick up the topic of the Three Selves later on, I want to talk about something else today.

When they were doing the research for Huna (check out Secret Science at Work and Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long -- yes, I know he made up some of it, but it's ok as long as you can get it to work!), they found out that when doing healing techniques, instead of working directly on the physical body, they got real good results when working with the "aka" body.

You might have heard it called the "etheric" body.

They found that with enough of a surcharge of "Mana" they could, in many cases, get instant healings, and they could usually get really rapid healings if the person didn't have any complexes blocking the end result. (Ie, conflicting parts, guilt, lack of belief, etc.)

For more on healing, Huna, and Mana check out and the free yahoo group huna-ohana at . Also, check out Dr. La Tourrette's free yahoo groups -- mindmastery-essentialskills and healingenergies-essentialskills. Dr. La Tourrette also has many videos on how to increase your Mana to improve vitality and also on how to clear up those complexes.

I really recommend the course on Mana Generators, the course on "Depossession," which doesn't just cover outside entities -- it also covers the inner demons of conflicting desires and values and how people shoot themselves in the foot when they want to accomplish something, and how to fix it instead.

Doc's also got a new course from the 2006 Huna Convention on Using Energy to Clear Your Path. I don't know if it's been released to the general public yet.

Anyway, we're interested in romance, at least in this article.

Now what many people try to do with Remote Influence is to force a set of suggestions on to someone.

The suggestions work so much more easily when you already have an energy field that has the "attractors" for those suggestions already built in.

So instead of wasting lots of time sending her (or him) telepathic suggestions of "want me" and "love me" and "need me", why not just do a "Remote Healing" technique that FIXES their energy field AND your energy field so that you both are now compatible and attracted to each other!

I cover the energies of attraction and how to activate them, anytime you want, in my course "Overcome Your Fear of Meeting Women In Just One Evening, And Start To Become A Casanova Instead!". And I cover the Remote Healing / Remote Influencing in my Dream Invader courses...

There are guys out there who will tell you to use dreamtime mental telepathy to tell a woman "F*** me, want me, need me, F***, F***, F***".

Well, guess what, buckwheat....

If she's NOT attracted to you, that won't work, unless she's the type of person you can finalyl "wear down" by constant nagging -- and then she's sure to not enjoy it, and to have buyer's remorse later.

However, when you fix the ENERGIES between you and her, then she's much more likely to imagine wanting you on her own, without you even having to "suggest" it!

It makes remote influence and remote hypnosis so much EASIER once they're already pre-disposed to actually LIKE you! :-)

Well, that's enough for now...

Maybe we'll pick up the topic of Huna and how it relates to Instant Romance and the Speed of Your Seduction abilities later on!

Have fun! See you again real soon!

Jim Knippenberg
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Secretly Seduce Her While She Sleeps...

Hey, how's it going?!

Have I got some KOOL! news for you!

I've put together a "crash course" on how to do Dream Invaders.

If you know how to go to sleep, you can make this course work for you!
If you're already a member of the CD of the month club, have taken my email dream invader's course, or have my telepathy ebook, then you've already got part of the materials.

But for everyone else, you're gonna love this course!

You can read about it here: (auction details expired, go to for more information on this and other courses) and when somebody buys it, you can email me at to order one directly from me. Or you can click on "view seller's other auctions" to see if I've relisted it or not.

I have at least 3 different auctions I run on ebay, so make sure the one you're looking at (when this one is sold, and I relist) says "Secretly Seduce Her While She Sleeps..." inside the ad (click on the link to read the ad).

You're gonna LOVE this crash course!

Jim Knippenberg
P.S. Is anyone interested in a yahoo group on psychic influence and psychic seduction, remote viewing, remote influencing, etc? Write to me and let me know if you'd be interested...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Anybody In Or Near Kansas City?...

Are there any readers in or close to the Kansas City area? If so, write to me...I'll tell you about something you'll really love...

Jim Knippenberg

Geez, it's been awhile! :-)

Well, Doc's seminar at the Huna Convention was AWESOME!

When I got back, I finished the CD of the month for July, had some problems with the recording, and finally got them all out.

I've been using a couple of the techniques Doc taught me while I was at the seminar.

One is a technique to shield your energies when others are attacking you with negative thoughts and emotions. Another technique that he taught me was how to "cut the cords" that USED TO BE reinforced regarding someone's attempts to control me.

Oh, heck, I use so many things Doc taught me every day, that I can't say those are the only two I've been using.

Those two have been really, really helpful, though.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun tonight...I just took a break to get a drink, and now I'm going to get back to the movie one of the subscribers sent me!

I was talking about hypnotic conditioning in one of my sets and mentioned I had not seen the ORIGINAL Manchurian Candidate, so one of my awesome subscribers sent it to me! And so far, I like it better than the remake. Funny how the originals are usually better than the remakes.

Anyway, speaking of hypnotic conditioning, what if you could CONDITION IN the Radiant Energies so they just kick in, automatically, for whatever you're programmed them to do?

I show how to do that in my DVD set on Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting Women in Just One Evening...

It's about romance and meeting women, however, you can use it to wipe out any fear you have and replace fear or hesitancy with radiant energies.

The current special (if you're reading this later, check with me to see what the current special is) comes with my DVD and workbook from Doc's Oct seminar (A $149 value!!!), or, if you already have it, you can get my latest presentation from June, but the DVD on that will ship later, when I get the master...

Hell, that's 8 (EIGHT!) DVD's, an audio CD, and a workbook for just $397 + S&H. Doc is probably cursing somewhere that I should have it priced at $797 at least...

Anyway, if you don't have it yet, write to me at

I got to get back to my awesome movie, then do some posts...

Catch you later!

Jim Knippenberg