Thursday, May 31, 2007

Do People FLAKE On You???

(c) May 2007 James R. Knippenberg

Have you ever been flaked on or let down by people before? Maybe even the people you care about most...?

Most people are living lives based on fear -- they never know what COULD be possible, because they're afraid of letting go of what they think they "have" to have.

It's sort of like the story about the monkey who got caught by monkey hunters. They tied a jar to a tree and put food in it for the monkey to take. The only "catch" was that the mouth of the jar was wide enough for the monkey to get its hand in, but too narrow for the monkey to get its hand back out once it grabbed hold of the food.

The monkey saw the hunters coming to kill him, and he tried pulling with all his might to free his hand, but he refused to let go of what he was holding on to, and the hunters came and killed him, and served him for dinner that night.

I found out last night that one of my aunts is in the hospital.

Now I appreciate both my aunt and uncle. They were real good to my family when I was a kid and was poor. Especially my aunt. I remember when we'd go out to eat, though, my uncle would find something to criticize or put down my aunt, said she'd get a big head if he said anything nice about her.

Well, she's been sick lately. She's something like 83 years old. She's been a real good, real loyal wife and took care of several kids while he was off going all over the country on business. I think he was "faithful" to her as far as not having affairs, but there are more ways to "cheat on someone" than just having affairs behind their back....

I remember years ago wondering why she put up with all that. She was a nice looking lady, and a nice lady. Real talented, hard worker.

Anyway, over the weekend her health took a turn for the worse, and she couldn't get out of bed. That grumpy old goat she's married to griped at her to get out of bed, and when she did, she fell out of the bed and went unconscious. The genius couldn't get ahold of his daughters on the phone, so he let her lay there on the floor all night, unconscious, until he could get one of his kids on the phone. I guess the dumb ass never heard of 911 or even to dial the operator for an emergency.

Well, we all know people who sometimes don't live up to what would normally be expected of a human being or a friend.

I know guys who get flaked on or chewed out by their women, and they hold on to them for dear life, because they at least have 'somebody'. I know women who do the same thing, so this is NOT about bashing men or women.

It's about choices and how to CHOOSE WISELY what you will and won't do... It's about whether or not you LIKE YOURSELF enough to decide what you will and will not allow in your life.

I used to wonder why Doc posted from time to time about how he'd write a check to a client he didn't want to deal with anymore and send them out the door...

I'm starting to know why...

What do most people do, though, when they think someone else did them wrong or let them down or when someone else didn't live up to their hopes or expectations?

Most people sit and whine and moan about what they "lost", instead of focusing on what they want.

Are there people in YOUR life that you can honestly say you wouldn't have them in your life IF you thought you could have something better?

Doc sent me a book awhile back called Million Dollar Consulting. And it's all about getting rid of the bottom of the list of clients to make room for more at the top of the list.

In other words, lets say you do sales. If a customer is a $14,000 car customer, send them to someone else who can give them what they want / need, so you have time and energy to sell to the $60,000 car customer.

Or if your friends are going nowhere in life, and all they do is sit at home drinking beer all the time (which is fine, if that's what they want to do), go find some friends to spend time with who are going where YOU want to go in life.

Or if your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't going in a compatible direction in life, wish them well, let them go, and find someone who better suits your wants and needs for a relationship.

Most people are overcome with fear of being stuck with nothing, though. They're afraid to "give up" the bad deal they got themselves into, because they don't have the confidence and the knowledge that they CAN have something better in life.

If you could TRULY go out and make friends and get people to INSTANTLY like you, wherever you go, would you still hang out with the same people you already are hanging out with? If not, keep reading. If you are happy and fulfilled already, then the good news is that it is easy to attract EVEN MORE of what you enjoy into your life!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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