Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Thanks for purchasing the SPECIAL "Customer Appreciation" Dream Invader Package that ends this weekend and contains over $500 dollars worth of additional bonuses never offered before!

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Jim Knippenberg

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mind Control Techniques: Exciting News!

Mind Control Techniques have fascinated me for years. I'm really NOT in to the "dark side" stuff like conspiracies and drugging people or using torture tactics or any of that stuff.

I'm mostly interested in the type of self Mind Control Techniques that give YOU control over your own self and THEN, as a result, you also start to learn to have more power, influence, and control with others.

It has to start with you, though, or else you end up warped. Sort of like the guys who want more power with women, so they slip them something in their drink. That type of creepy stuff is not what we're talking about here.

We're talking about learning to be the one who is responsible for and in charge of your own life and who has the type of energy and charisma that just naturally has influence with others.

And there are Mind Control techniques that really do let you connect with someone else's mind in such a way that you can begin to implant your thoughts inside their mind.

But you don't want to come at it from a position of weakness and begging or neediness.

You want to come at it from a position of power and authority - as one who is COMFORTABLE living your own life and who expects to get what YOU want in life.

I've got a new ebook out on how to learn to hook up to that type of inner power that gives you power over yourself and also allows you to hook up with other people's inner mind to influence them.

It's called "How To Change Anybody Using Mind Control!" and it's available for instant download at http://www.learnmindcontroltechniques.com/

Check it out! I'll see you there!

Jim Knippenberg
ESP & Mind Control Trainer