Thursday, June 03, 2010

She says I just want to be friends. Well, let's just be friends sucks!

"I just want to be friends," that dreaded sentence that tells you she's not in love - and you're NOT getting any. And the more you're in to her, the more you're in love with her, the more "Let's just be friends!" just plain sucks!

The problem is that women (and men!) often have no idea, no conscious control or awareness of how they are attracted to someone.

So you accidentally ended up putting yourself in to that "just a friend" or (God forbid!) the "You're just like a brother to me!" category?

One of the easiest things to do is to just move on, attract some other women, and let her know you can get along WITHOUT her, and if you're still interested, work on your game and your attraction abilities while still enjoying your life.

Let's face it: Only screwed up women are interested in a needy guy who just "has" to be with her in order to be fulfilled.

So step one: Learn to go enjoy your life WITH OR WITHOUT HER!

Now there's that dreaded category - that mental and emotional pigeon hole she has you in - that "just friends" category.

It's one of those things that either happened accidentally or maybe you just plain screwed up at first - who knows, who cares.

The thing to focus on is where you want to go with her, and the steps it takes to get there.

Things get conditioned in and "anchored" accidentally for the most part, but once you understand how anchoring and conditioning happens naturally you can start to use it to gain control of the way others perceive and feel about you.

You can use an anchor blow out, or you can use a swish pattern to re-engineer the types of emotions she feels whenever she's around you.

To use the anchoring tactic with covert anchoring, which is an NLP technique, you could chain an anchor in and condition it in so that whenever she has those "let's just be friends" feelings about you, she goes in to a neutral state instead and THEN starts to feel the things she needs in order to feel attracted to someone. Of course it helps if you ask her "So how do you know when you're attracted to someone?"

Or as seduction expert and perhaps the founder of the seduction community Ross Jeffries says "What's the first signal you get inside yourself that let's you know you're attracted to someone..."

AND SO you get her to experience those feelings, and you anchor those feelings, and attach them to you!

When you do this with some skill (and it might take some practice), she will think it was all her own idea that she's now attracted to you, or that you've somehow magically changed and are now her ideal romantic partner or whatever.

Please do NOT tell your friends about this technique - they will get jealous, they will do their damned bestest to cock-block you and bad mouth you behind your back.

People do not understand that this sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME anyway without anyone understanding the process. What you want to do is learn the process of how people's thoughts, beliefs, emotions get conditioned in and use that process to help you and them both experience good things together with each other!

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See you there!

Jim Knippenberg