Sunday, October 17, 2010

#BeatCancer With Mind Control Techniques!

Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my blog again (and thanks also to those of you who are subscribed to the RSS Feed!)...I just wanted to update you and let you know there's a new post on the Mind Control Resources blog on #BeatCancer - here's the link:

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Jim Knippenberg

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mind Control Techniques Like NLP Anchoring Can Change Your Life!

Mind Control Techniques is something that you either love or fear - and there is a lot of paranoia out there regarding some of the unethical ways Mind Control is done...

But Mind Control Techniques can literally help you re-create your own life - AND ALSO covertly influence others so you are happier together with each other or so you get more sales and your customers get more of what THEY want.

NLP Anchoring is one of the Mind Control Techniques that will really pay off in spades once you learn how to do it effectively.

It's something that happens "accidentally" a lot anyways - people like or dislike someone or have knee-jerk reactions about various people or things and don't know why.

It's because of previous anchors - even if they've been conditioned in unconsciously.

Well NLP Anchoring gives you the opportunity to use Mind Control Techniques covertly and effectively.

Maybe you've seen videos or read about people squeezing knees or shoulders and have wondered to yourself how in the world you can use those Mind Control Techniques because it all seems so obvious.

But there are elegant, sneaky, and totally under the radar methods of using Mind Control Techniques - including NLP Anchoring conversationally so that your anchors just slip in undetected, and the person just knows they start to feel differently.

They might even know WHAT the result is, but not know why! Like the married woman I covertly anchored with simple conversation so every time she wore the expensive earrings her husband bought her, she had romantic thoughts about me.

Now before you try to stone me to death, I actually stumbled across THAT anchor accidentally. And once I figured out how I did it and why it worked, I wrote it down in this NLP ebook on anchoring, "The Amazing 'GPS Of The Mind'!" which is a fun book on conversational Mind Control Techniques using NLP Anchoring.

For more information, you can check it out here:

And by the way, for those of you who are in to Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, these Mind Control Techniques can ALSO be combined with Remote Influencing techniques!

See you there! Here's that link again:

Jim Knippenberg
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